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Introducing Testpress Learning Management System – Accessible on the web, Android and iOS | Best-in-class Encryption | Cost-effective Platform

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Launch your online teaching brand on websites, Android and iOS apps.

Allow your students to learn on the go

Let your students watch videos, learn from notes, take quizzes from your mobile app.

Sell and make money with Unlimited Courses

Host unlimited contents including videos, PDF’s, PPT’s and other readable notes.

Teach and engage your students in real-time

Conduct Live Classes & Webinars using Zoom.

Help your students assess their learning

Provide frequent quizzes and online exams allowing learners to check their retention.

Protect your hard work with ironclad security

Auto encryption of videos and watermarking ensures your content cannot be stolen.

Extend with popular third party tools

Easily integrate with third party tools such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc

Frequently asked questions

Bundled courses are nothing but course combos. You can club multiple courses as a bundle and sell them as one course. Also, you can set unique prices for such bundles and sell them as an independent package to your learners.

Any bandwidth used for streaming course content like videos, PDFs, PPTs, and other readable content, online examinations, webpage loading and other data rendered to your students from Testpress LMS platform will be considered for calculating bandwidth.

Yes. Admins can anytime track their bandwidth consumption from the billing page.

It’s true that piracy can’t be completely eliminated but at Testpress LMS, we are trying our best to stop any breach of data. One of the ways is that the system displays a user’s email address and their phone numbers over the video, thereby stopping them from recording any video on the website.

  • All contents are secured and well encrypted
  • Branded online teaching platform on android, web and iOS
  • Multilingual online examinations
  • Third-party video integrations
  • No extra fees to be charged above the pricing
  • Transparent and cost-effective pricing

Pricing plans


120 USD

per month
(billed annually)

750 GB


200 USD

per month
(billed annually)

2 TB


320 USD

per month
(billed annually)

4 TB

All plans include unlimited courses and members.

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