Journey of Testpress

Birth of Testpress Online Exam Software (2014)

  • In the years between 2012 and 2013, the world, including India, witnessed a surge in the digitization of exams.
  • Entrance exams like IIT JEE and IBPS were transitioning to online formats. This shift created a demand among coaching institutions to offer online tests that mirrored the real exam experience for their students.
  • Fueled by this need, Testpress was born in 2014. We built Testpress to empower institutions to conduct online exams that replicate the actual exam format for their students.

Testpress LMS (Early 2019)

  • By early 2019, many institutions expressed a desire to provide students with online learning materials and videos alongside online exams.
  • Additionally, they sought the ability to sell online courses. In response to these evolving needs, we launched our online Learning Management System (LMS).

Video Streaming Platform (2021)

  • The closure of classrooms due to COVID-19 led to a significant increase in video uploads by institutions and a corresponding surge in student video consumption.
  • The scalable video streaming platform we had built for our LMS in 2019 proved instrumental in facilitating a smooth transition to online teaching.
  • Recognizing that some larger institutions prefer to build their own LMS solutions rather than utilize a SaaS model, we addressed the challenge they faced in finding a compatible video streaming platform.
  • As a result, we spun off our LMS video streaming component into a separate service called

SAT Exam Software (2023)

  • In early 2022, the College Board announced that the SAT exam would transition to a digital format.
  • The digital format would be implemented globally starting in March 2023, with the US regions following suit in March 2024.
  • In response to a feature request from an existing customer who needed to prepare their students for the upcoming digital SAT, we made our exam software compatible with the SAT and other international exams.