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  • Experience the closest thing to the real SAT experience outside of College Board.
  • Create realistic test simulations with timed sections and optional breaks.
  • Receive accurate score reports based on the official SAT scoring convention.

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The College Board SAT UI

Our software is built with the official College Board SAT interface in mind, ensuring your students familiarize themselves with the actual test environment before the big day. This includes:

  • The same layout, navigation and design as the real SAT.
  • ‘StrikeThrough’ feature, mimicking the SAT for effective elimination tactics.
  • Marking questions for focused review, mimicking the official SAT ‘Mark for Review’ functionality.

Comprehensive Question Type Support for Digital SAT Exams

Our online exam software is meticulously crafted to accommodate a wide array of question types essential for SAT preparation.

  • Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs).
  • Passage-Based Questions.
  • Student-Produced Responses – Positive, Negative, Decimal, Fractional

Ability to Create Breaks Between Sections

Our mock tests allow you to create breaks between sections, just like the real SAT. This helps students pace themselves and stay focused throughout the test. You can choose to:

  • Offer a short break after each section.
  • Offer a longer break after the Reading section.
  • Customize the break duration to fit your students’ needs.

Desmos Calculator Integration

  • Seamlessly integrated into our platform for SAT preparation.
  • Mirrors the SAT template, ensuring familiarity.
  • Empowers students with Desmos tools for efficient mathematical calculations.

SAT-Style Digital Reference Sheet

Our software offers a digital reference sheet akin to the SAT format. Seamlessly integrated, it provides essential formulas and key insights, aligning with the familiarity of the SAT environment for optimal preparation.

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