Master the IELTS with Powerful Exam Software for Tutoring Institutions

Empower your students to achieve their IELTS goals with Testpress, a comprehensive exam preparation software designed specifically for IELTS tutoring institutions.

Craft realistic and dynamic practice tests with a diverse range of question types

Gap-fill – Challenge students to accurately complete sentences with appropriate vocabulary and grammar

Multiple-choice questions (MCQs)

Test comprehension and critical thinking with varied options across all sections

Audio questions

Prepare students for the listening section with engaging audio-based tasks.

Match-the-heading questions

Enhance reading comprehension and information retrieval skills

Craft Complete Mock Exams

Design complete mock tests covering all sections of the IELTS exam – reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Detailed analysis and band score estimation

Gain valuable insights into your students’ strengths and weaknesses with in-depth performance reports and estimated band scores according to IELTS.

Testpress empowers you to

  • Replicate the actual IELTS format – Ensure students are well-prepared for the actual exam structure and question styles.
  • Target specific learning goals – Create customized tests focusing on individual student needs and areas requiring additional practice.
  • Offer flexible study options – Allow students to access practice tests and refine their skills anytime, anywhere.
Invest in your students’ success by offering them a comprehensive and realistic practice environment. Contact us today to learn more about how Testpress can elevate your IELTS preparation program.

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