Automate homework and boost your students’ confidence with Testpress’s Digital SAT & Prometric Exam Software

  • Tired of grading mountains of practice tests?
  • Wish you had more time for personalized instruction?
  • Want to reduce test anxiety and engage parents?
Join the ranks of reputable tutoring companies like Nurturing Wisdom, Testprep Chicago, Zara Tutoring, and Chad’s Prep who trust Testpress for their online diagnostics and homework.

Familiar SAT format

  • Students practice on a platform resembling the real test, reducing anxiety and building confidence.
  • Create realistic test simulations with timed sections and optional breaks for a personalized experience.
  • Help your students master all question styles, from MCQs to passage-based questions, even student produced responses.

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Auto-graded homework

  • The software autogrades the students’ responses and identifies their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Let the software handle the grading while you focus on individualized attention and deeper learning experiences based on the student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • The software handles the score conversion for both the linear SAT and Adaptive SAT as well.

Real time reports

  • Share real-time reports with parents, keeping them informed and invested in their child’s SAT journey.
  • Foster family involvement and accountability with clear data about strengths, weaknesses, and progress.
  • Empower parents to support their child’s learning and celebrate milestones together, driving student motivation.

Effortless question uploading

  • Forget tedious individual uploads. Testpress lets you import entire question sets from Word documents with a single click.
  • Images, equations, and graphs? No problem! Our bulk uploader handles diverse content seamlessly.
  • Free yourself from endless uploads. Spend more time on what matters while saving costs with Testpress’s efficient solution.

Streamlined Group Management

  • Group students seamlessly for targeted instruction and create custom test schedules.
  • Assign specific courses (exams) to each group, ensuring focused preparation.
  • Teachers and tutors gain instant access to detailed performance data for each student within their assigned groups.

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