Dynamic Zoom License Allocation

  • Imagine you’re managing 100 trainers who only conduct 20 parallel classes!
  • Would you purchase 100 licenses, or just 20, and manually assign them based on the schedule?
  • The answer is simpler than you think.

Efficient License Management

  • With Testpress’ dynamic allocation of Zoom licenses, you only need 20 licenses, regardless of whether you have 100 trainers or even 1000.
  • This smart system not only ensures that licenses are efficiently used but also significantly reduces costs and simplifies the scheduling process.

How Does It Work?

  • At Testpress, licenses are shared among all trainers. They are not assigned when scheduling classes; instead, they are dynamically allocated at the start of each class.
  • Our intelligent scheduler prevents the scheduling of more classes than available licenses and handles overlaps effectively.

Benefits of Dynamic Allocation

  • With Testpress’ Dynamic allocation of Zoom licenses, you can conduct your Zoom classes more effectively and efficiently. 
  • Enjoy substantial cost savings and eliminate the hassle of manual license allocation.
  • Transform how you manage your online classes with Testpress, where innovation meets practicality.