Check out what Tom Zara, Owner of Zara Tutoring, has to say about his experience using Testpress’s SAT Exam Software

About Zara Tutoring

“At Zara Tutoring, we specialize in providing academic support to students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Among our most sought-after services is SAT preparation, especially critical now that the SAT has transitioned to a completely digital format.”

Challenges Faced

“With the SAT becoming fully digital, it became imperative for us to overhaul our curriculum and teaching methods to better suit the new format. Previously, our students worked through physical workbooks for their homework and practice tests. However, the digital shift required a more modern solution that could simulate the new SAT environment and provide meaningful feedback for ongoing improvement.”

Testpress’ SAT Exam Software

“Just weeks before launching our updated program, we discovered Testpress through a timely email showcasing their platform. Their demo video immediately caught my attention—it perfectly mirrored the new digital SAT format, which was exactly what we needed. Testpress’s platform not only replicates the exam environment but also offers detailed analytics on student performance, helping us monitor progress and identify areas needing attention.”

The Impact

“The most impressive aspect of Testpress has been their continuous effort to refine their software. The founders actively seek feedback and swiftly implement changes to better meet our specific needs. This proactive approach, coupled with their exceptional customer support, makes Testpress an invaluable resource for any educational institution. Their system has allowed us to keep students and parents well-informed about performance and progress, revolutionizing how we prepare students for the SAT. I wholeheartedly endorse Testpress to anyone looking for a robust platform for managing student assignments and practice tests.”

– Tom Zara, Owner, Zara Tutoring.

For a more in-depth look at how Testpress has transformed SAT preparation at Zara Tutoring, watch Tom Zara’s detailed discussion in the following video

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